Young and Battaglia are the art directors British interiors brand mineheart which they co-founded in 2010.

The company is dedicated to producing innovative, suprising and daring designs and proudly supports British manufacturing.

“The idea behind Mineheart is to create a playground for creativity and discovery, where art meets design, and poetry meets industry.  We try to inject a sense of wonder into everyday objects and spaces around us, telling stories and creating things that are truly surprising,” Young&Battaglia.

At Mineheart, we are always looking for inspirational work, new materials and interesting collaborations. We collaborate with artists from various backgrounds and medias where their world meets ours in a complementary and surprising way. We have enjoyed working with artists such as Himitsuhana, Chad Wys, Angela Rossi, Joao Figueiredo and Courtney Brims who’s work fits perfectly within the Mineheart mindset, often mixing or twisting classical ideas in new and unexpected ways.

visit www.mineheart.com